Friday, February 20, 2009


Bad day for banks and insurers:
BAC, USB, ING, CNO all fell to
new 52-week lows. DJIA 7365.67
but Obama administration made it
clear that it supported private banks
and government regulations.

BAC 3.61O 2.53L 4.09H 3.79C --
so there was a second V bottom.

USB 10.20O 9.71L 10.98H 10.58C --
one of this nation's best banks.

ING 4.92O&L 5.89H 5.20C

CNO 1.25O 1.03L 1.50H 1.31C


WCG and GNW are two more insurers
but their 52-week lows are much
lower than their lows today.

WCG 10.94O 10.63L 14.05H 11.05C

GNW 1.43O 1.30L 1.59H 1.47C


ABX and FCX are mining stocks and
CSCO and ILMN technology stocks --
these four went up.

ABX 37.55O 35.50L 37.73H 36.89C

FCX 27.52O 27.08L 29.19H 28.78C

CSCO 15.00O 14.88L 15.34H 15.08C

ILMN 32.28O 31.74L 33.39H 33.08C


ARNA 5.20O 4.83L 5.24H 4.86C

LUFK 34.17O 32.93L 34.91H 33.98C


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