Thursday, February 26, 2009

When buyers no longer trust

an accepted method for doing business and
therefore initiate a different method for
doing business and/or revert to an older
method for doing business, that accepted
method weakens and may eventually evap-
orate in the face of the challenges to it;
and those who attempt to sustain it (i. e.,
to sustain that which is unsustainable) will
find they have sorely erred and will reap
the opprobrium of those buyers who no
longer trust the accepted method for
doing business.

This was the point of my simplistic equation:
capitalism = something to sell + someone
to buy it. That point, however, was totally
obfuscated by another's need to interpose
a refined definition of capitalism.


The above refers to recent comments in a long
comment stream at K. Silem Mohammad's
Lime Tree flowing from his Dale Smith . . .
Flarf post.


Due to Earth's limited resources and to a
misguided globalism, it is possible that a
paradigm shift is underway. Civilization
as we have known it is passing.


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