Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Health Insurance sector

Today was a market down day, but most stocks
in the Health Insurance sector were up. The
Federal government is preparing to enter the
sector if the companies in it fail to meet


Monday, June 1, 2009

DJIA changes

Today General Motors and Citi Bank
were replaced by
Cisco Systems and Traveler's Insurance.


The DJIA is now above 8700.


Last month I wasn't watching stocks
as closely as I had been, partly
because most of those I was watching
weren't doing anything exciting.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Whereto Industrial Age

is the question.

Like similar others, Jim Kunstler, noting all the talk
about recovery, asks "what recovery?": implying that
there is nothing left to recover. The Industrial Age
is over. Concurrently, like similar others, Dr. Leeb
and his team, while they also believe we are heading
into a post-industrial world, see one great last gasp
from the Industrial Age. This gasp will be defined by
bull markets in minerals and foods, with oil going to
$200, and the shares of the world's best stocks tied
to these commodities rising accordingly. Obviously,
stocks of companies central to the finding, extracting,
and transporting of oil are in this mix, but so are the
stocks of companies manufacturing GPS-guided agri-
cultural machines. This raises a cautionary: As a
recent incident in California makes clear, all our
fancy technologies can easily be disrupted. Even so,
toward better technologies is the direction in which
leading research is moving, and must.

In the sidebar to the right is a link to Kunstler's
articles. A Leeb Complete Investor search should
return a link to his company's site, an info ad for
for their services. Purchasing their services is up
to you. I received a mailing and am trying to glean
from it the answers they do not give. Already know
from other sources what the world's best company
in mineral commodities is. I've been following its
stock. Also know other answers.

On the demise side of this Age being spotlighted,
General Motors may slide into bankruptcy, but while
I wasn't watching, Ford's stock, which was hovering
around $2.00 per share, has moved above $4.00
per share.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

huge day for BAC

A while back I suggested buying BAC when
the stock's price was $6.24. After that
time, it went as low as $2.53; but this
week has been exceptional. Today BAC
closed at $9.55. Trading after the bell
has moved it down some. Had I had the
money to, and bought it at $6.24, there's
a good chance I would have sold it late
this afternoon. BAC went up over 35%
today on more than double usual volume.
That is an indication it is going much
higher or will soon be pulling back,
but the gain was there late this after-
noon. There are always other places
to go, and even though the Dow rose
above 8000, this remains a bear market.
Of course, there is always the option
of selling enough to get one's money
back so that what is still being held
is essentially risk-free.


Monday, April 6, 2009

CNO part 3

On the rise again. Here are some highlights
and a $1000 calculation. The 52-week low:
$0.26. Closing price today: $1.41. Today's
high: $1.59. On Thursday, April 2, 2009,
Conseco's CEO purchased 200,000 shares at
approximately $1.11 per share, an action
which strengthened the rise.

At $0.40 per share, 1000 shares cost $400
before whatever commission. Am setting
the commission at $40 this time. Today
this stock traded above $1.40 most of the
trading day. Several times it was above
$1.50. Let's say someone bought the 1000
shares mentioned above at $0.40 per share
and today sold those 1000 shares at $1.40
per share. Including the buy and sell
commissions, that someone would have made
1. CNO fell to $0.26 because rating firms
had doubts Conseco could remain a
going concern.
2. The 52-week low of $0.26 occurred on
March 10, 2009.
3. On March 17, 2009 the low was $0.31
and the open, high, and close: $0.35.
4. On the following three days, CNO could
have been bought at $0.40. However,
indications were CNO was moving up.
5. Even so, buying CNO at $0.40 would have
been a highly contrarian move.
6. Such a bet should not be made lightly.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Steps to repair derivatives mess

from Global Research a March 30, 2009
article by F. William Engdahl
"Dirty Little Secret"

Results of one-day G-20 Summit in London
look promising but President Obama said:
"There are no guarantees."


Friday, March 20, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

hot day for AIG

in several ways: good, bad, indifferent.

After closing at $0.50 on Friday, today
is opened higher, went as high as $1.00
and closed as $0.83 (66% up).
President Obama expressed his displeasure
regarding AIG in-house bonuses.
AIG dispersed large amounts of bail-out
aid to partners in Europe, but AIG is a
global firm and those partners were hurt
by the same errors AIG here was.