Monday, April 13, 2009

Whereto Industrial Age

is the question.

Like similar others, Jim Kunstler, noting all the talk
about recovery, asks "what recovery?": implying that
there is nothing left to recover. The Industrial Age
is over. Concurrently, like similar others, Dr. Leeb
and his team, while they also believe we are heading
into a post-industrial world, see one great last gasp
from the Industrial Age. This gasp will be defined by
bull markets in minerals and foods, with oil going to
$200, and the shares of the world's best stocks tied
to these commodities rising accordingly. Obviously,
stocks of companies central to the finding, extracting,
and transporting of oil are in this mix, but so are the
stocks of companies manufacturing GPS-guided agri-
cultural machines. This raises a cautionary: As a
recent incident in California makes clear, all our
fancy technologies can easily be disrupted. Even so,
toward better technologies is the direction in which
leading research is moving, and must.

In the sidebar to the right is a link to Kunstler's
articles. A Leeb Complete Investor search should
return a link to his company's site, an info ad for
for their services. Purchasing their services is up
to you. I received a mailing and am trying to glean
from it the answers they do not give. Already know
from other sources what the world's best company
in mineral commodities is. I've been following its
stock. Also know other answers.

On the demise side of this Age being spotlighted,
General Motors may slide into bankruptcy, but while
I wasn't watching, Ford's stock, which was hovering
around $2.00 per share, has moved above $4.00
per share.


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