Friday, February 13, 2009

stock watch lincoln week

Every "Friday" I will be posting information about
the stocks I watched during that day. Therefore,
the list from week-to-week is likely to change.
Today there are 11 stocks along with bits of news.

I use AOL finance (money) -- see links. Will
be using ticker symbols. O after price = open
L after price = low / H after price = high
C after price = close

bac 5.68O 5.55L 5.82H 5.57C
(On Tuesday this stock fell to a YTD low:
$3.77. For those who knew at the opening on
Monday, this was an excellent downside trade.
For others who were watching Tuesday morning
and noted the sudden bear-bottom V forming,
this was an excellent upside trade.)

cno 1.99O 1.76L 1.99H 1.79C
(On 31 DEC 2008 this stock rose to a YTD high:
$5.19. On 20 NOV 2008 it hit a low of $1.78
but its YTD low was $1.31.)

arna 7.25O 6.35L 7.36H 6.51C
(This stock has been on the rise, but today
it pulled back. There is an incredible
story here, a story that could become fact.)

abx 38.50O 37.76L 38.65H 37.94C

gnw 2.39O 2.33L 2.52H 2.33C

ing 7.52O 7.39L 7.69H 7.59C

lufk 39.23O 37.83L 39.54H 37.99C

csco 16.20O 15.95L 16.46H 16.10C

wcg 15.57O 15.18L 15.72H 15.57C

fcx 29.64O 29.52L 30.90H 30.51C

ilmn 35.49O 35.102L 36.61H 35.91C
(This company's product can literally light up your life.)

The last three of the eleven here closed higher.


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