Monday, January 26, 2009

WCG surprise

WellCare Health Plans Inc closed at $12.03 on
Friday and opened today at $13.31--not sure why.
It has been a hold since the company was not
able to file the report for its last quarter
when the time came to do so. Don't know what
that was all about either. As with CNO, I am
not a shareholder but I am using one of its
services. WCG was also downgraded by A. M.
Best after the report delay announcement.
More recently another firm rated it a $13.00
stock, substantially down from the rating it
had been given. WCG's yearly high: $55.73.



  1. It appears WCG's troubles may have passed.

    Here are today's figures:
    $13.31 L / $14.62 H / $13.76 C -- up $1.73
    V 2,127,893 -- Avg V 635,000

  2. WCG today:
    $13.85O / $13.83L / $14.80H / $14.58C

  3. WCG gapped again, opening at $14.75 and falling no lower than $14.65. Its high was $15.84 and its closing price: $15.44. The volume was just below average.

  4. Market down over 200.

    WCG: 15.05O / 14.94L / 15.51H / 15.06C

  5. for 2009-01-30:

    Market down about 150.

    WCG: 15.09O / 14.65L / 15.33H / 14.78C

  6. 15.63O / 14.76L / 15.90H / 14.98C

    djia 7956.66